1% Closer To Becoming A Badass. Why Breaking Tasks Down Helps Progress.

Best way to describe Tanja Lichtensteiger? A badass. Passionate about technology, women in leadership roles, a global nomad, and a Ground-Fighter (!), Tanja came to #NPWLive to share her secret. 1% progress.

Breakdown a big task into little chunks. Focusing on the 1%.

1% progress and 1% improvement every time.

What Tanja’s 1% rule proved was that by dividing your tasks into smaller ones, you can give each percent your full, undivided attention. End result? 100% progress, 100% improvement.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable — work on your 1% progress every day.

It is natural for this to be unnatural, but Tanja’s dominant message was that you must develop your grit and defy all odds. Such drive and resilience came from Tanja’s work in tech and her passions as a Ground-Fighter.

Hard work beats talent. Get Gritty.

However, Tanja gave one little secret that she couldn’t share with everyone; the Yorkshire grit gave her a head start. As intimidating as this might all sound, it was clear through her talk that Tanja had a simple message…

There is no such thing as failure.

Do something that scares you, because you will survive! I win, or I learn.

I personally believe that everyone who has the chance to listen to Tanja and her 1% progress way of life, should 100% do it. Because, I feel like my badass-ness has increased by 1% just listening to this incredible woman.

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