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Jane Crombleholm
Alliance Manchester Business School

Managing Director of Executive Education at Alliance Manchester Business School, and all around busy bee, Jane Crombleholm talks to us about her packed working day and who inspires her.

What does a day in the life of your job role look like?  

So, I cuddle the kids (even though they’re teenagers), fight my way into Manchester on the trains for a breakfast event looking at the Northern Powerhouse, then back to the office to look at Q1 financial data for the department!

A lunchtime meeting with corporate relations team, discover (again) something we’re doing at the University that is life changing and I didn’t know about! Then I have meeting with academic director of executive education looking at strategy, review annual plan before management team meeting.

Talk to admin team about what they’ll need to manage a sudden growth of numbers on one of our programmes, answer this and then go home because I have a school governors meeting tonight 

What do you want to be when you grow up?  

I always wanted to be a war reporter – Katie Adie is a role model.

Who is your all-time role model?

I have a complete obsession with Baroness Hale.  

What one thing have you learnt during your career that you could pass on?

If you don’t ask, then they can’t say yes! 

Shout out 3 incredible people in your network that are doing great things!

It’s hard to pick just three but:  

Carol Ann Whitehead, MD of Zebra Partnerships @Zebra_carol 

Sally Penni, Founder of Women in The Law, @sallypenni1 

Professor Ann Mahon, Professor of Leadership, Alliance Manchester Business School, @ParkerMahon 


Do you have any advice for all of the 1480 nominees who have been part of Northern Power Women Awards 2020?

I wouldn’t dare to offer advice to the brilliant people who we’ve seen. It’s been an honour to be part of it.

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