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Vicky Jaycock
Sales Manager
Liverpool Football Club

What does a day in the life of your job role look like?  

That’s a tough question as I thrive on the variety that my role at Liverpool FC brings. Considering the ambition of our Club, both on and off the pitch, each day brings new sales ideas to explore.  

I’m responsible for generating commercial revenue which helps to power the Club.  When I’m not in the office pitching to new sales leads, then I’m showcasing Anfield as a world class destination to prospects.  On the occasions that I’m not at the game in a work capacity, then I can be found singing on the terraces with my family as a season ticket holder.  

 I balance my week with a mix of strategic and tactical meetings during office hours then during the evenings I enjoy attending business events between the North West and London. Working for the greatest football family means I’m never far away from an introduction to a fan who wants to talk about the performances on the pitch. 

As we build up to International Women’s Day, my role within The Unity Collective means I’m busy with the team planning our activity to mark this day.  As a group of passionate staff across LFC, The Unity Collective team work to influence, educate and celebrate gender equality across Club activities.  Therefore, it’s really satisfying when I can blend networks such as NPW, with my passion for raising awareness too. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?  

Having gained over 12 years’ experience in sales management, I’d have to consider myself a grown up now in this area now!  However, I am eager to inspire likeminded professionals to achieve their own potential. I offer my time as a Mentor and so feel responsibility to those I support to develop my own approach to leadership. A colleague recently recommended that I set aside one hour per week to watch Ted X talks online to continually improve my own self-development plans. I’m trying my best to keep it up despite my demanding schedule. 

Who is your all-time role model?

At different stages of my career, I’ve looked to a variety of role models for inspiration. 

Recently, I’ve enjoyed reading the early novels of Margaret Atwood. In her most recent work of The Handmaids Tale, I’d consider the character of June to be a great role model. Her tenacious approach to solve intense problems by leading females to work together is thought provoking. Although extreme, I think there are positive messages to take away from this character’s resilience and how goals should be the fuel of our lives. 

What one thing have you learnt during your career that you could pass on?

It might sound basic, but it is ‘to be present’.  

It’s easy to just turn up. To the office, to meetings, to networking events, but there is a power in being present. It could be to have the courage to ask questions in senior meetings or to take the initiative to introduce yourself to a new contact or attend an event on your own. It took years for me to realise that it’s really worth taking a gamble, jumping out of your comfort zone and making sure you’re making an impact. 

Shout out 3 incredible people in your network that are doing great things!

Kate Kingston – Instagram and Twitter   

Kate Kingston has been a mentor to me for over 15 years. Her generosity is unbelievable. The manner in which she supports and connects people across her international network, all whilst running her successful businesses is inspiring.   

Lauren Dalglish – The Marina Dalglish Appeal – Twitter  

Lauren doesn’t stop either! You’d struggle to find anyone with her energy levels. Her work to deliver The Larks Marina Dalglish Appeal and raise funds across a calendar of events is incredible. 

The Unity Collective – it’s not a person, but a force for positive influence, education and celebration of gender equality at Liverpool Football Club. Created by passionate colleagues to enhance equality through positive action, we create and deliver a busy schedule of activities to staff. The Unity Collective recently welcomed Col Dame Kelly Holmes for an inspirational session focussing on goal setting and confidence building, in my opinion, it was certainly a highlight of our work to date. 

Do you have any advice for all of the 1480 nominees who have been part of Northern Power Women Awards 2020?

It was a privilege to be recognised in 2017 on The NPW Future List, but at the time I really played down the accolade to my peers, friends and family.  Three years on, having matured in my attitude towards celebrating success – my advice is to not only enjoy the achievement of being nominated, but amplify the news across your networkIt’s common, especially for women to brush off praise to avoid being labelled as having an ego. Too often I see those who work tirelessly for change pass off recognition and so struggle to build on their accomplishments. I hope everyone enjoys their moment and don’t forget to smile for the famous Simone Selfie! 

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