Gail Jones

Managing Director, UKFast

Gail Jones is the joint-managing director and co-founder of cloud infrastructure firm UKFast. With more than 19 years’ experience in technology, Gail’s role sits within the software at the core of UKFast.

Managing UKFast’s relationships with suppliers and continuously assessing our best practice, Gail drives the creation of software to streamline internal processes and increase functionality for clients.

UKFast looks after the internet fortunes of some of the world’s biggest brands and protects the data of public sector and government organisations, whilst ensuring nurses and paramedics can access the training they need on the go and keeping check-in desks at some of the UK busiest airports running.

The firm provides dedicated servers, cloud services and colocation to government, public sector and commercial organisations, with a wide-ranging product portfolio including Infrastructure-as-a-Service, DR-as-a-Service and cloud offering, eCloud®, as well as five fully owned, custom-built data centres.

Gail has been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of the business since its inception in 1999, taking on roles including administrator, finance manager and support manager. UKFast is on track to declare £53 million revenue for 2018.