Stacey Copeland

Founder, Pave The Way
Commonwealth Boxing Champion
Motivational Speaker
Future List 2017
Commended Agent Of Change 2019
Stacey Copeland has represented her country at an international level in two sports –  football and boxing. Following a successful football career where she represented England, played in the FA cup final, and also played abroad for six years in both America and Sweden; Stacey then went on to pursue her dreams in boxing. Stacey had begun boxing at the age of six, but at that time boxing was illegal for women. During her six-year amateur boxing career, she became European silver medallist and three-time national champion.
Stacey has now turned professional and recently became the first-ever British woman to win the Commonwealth title which she won in Zimbabwe. Her main goal is to pave the way for other girls and women to reach their full potential through sport; she believes that her greatest privilege is to try to inspire and make a positive difference to others. Stacey was voted role model of the year at the Women’s Sports Trust Awards 2018, and also has a community service award named in her honour at St. Edward’s University which she attended as part of a sports scholarship in America; such is her commitment and passion for making a difference.

What does Northern Power Women mean to you?

Northern Power Women brings together the formidable positive energy of men and women across the North who are leading the charge for gender equality. As a female boxer, I am always aware of the negative and limiting attitudes towards women (in sport and beyond,) and this can at times be disheartening. NPW reminds me that there are many others across all industries also striving for equality, and this is very uplifting as we take on the status quo as pioneers and ‘disruptors.’

What is your greatest achievement?

That I can go back to the little girl I was and tell her that I am doing everything I can to make things better for the next generation and that I am no longer the young girl who felt ashamed of she was but I can now be proud of who I am and what I’m doing.

Why is it important to champion role models in the North?

It is important to champion role models everywhere …’If you can see it, you can be it.’ Ensuring that changemakers are visible allows others to rise up, collectively we can then spark social change. We are proud of the long line of Northerners who came before us, pioneers, change makers and revolutionaries and it is now our time to do the same.