Award Winner Blog Series: Jacquie Johnston Lynch, Winner of Person of Purpose 2017

Jacquie Johnston Lynch - Winner of Person of Purpose 2017

#NPWAward Award Winner Blog Series

On the 3rd of March this year I put on my sparkly sequinned dress and headed over from Liverpool to Manchester for the Northern Power Women Awards Dinner.

Awards dinners are always a bit of a funny entity to me. I never quite believe I should be there and I never quite believe that people would vote for me. Then I hear that “inner critic” telling me it’s all B*%*$$cks anyway and I start to dismiss all the wonderful work done by myself and everyone in the room. And breathe Jacquie. Deep exhale.

Then the night of the 3rd of March I was on my own at a table listening to the glowing accolades and I heard my name. I had won the Woman of Purpose Award.

I had no idea that as a result of that night a whole series of events would be ignited. The leverage for the charity I manage was catapulted out into the Universe and the changes were immense. The following day after the awards ceremony, I was given a slot on Radio 4 Women’s Hour to talk about the charity and myself and Paula as founders of the charity. This then led on to being awarded an international honour (Iconic Trailblazer of the Decade) at a conference I was invited to in India at the Women’s Economic Forum. Shortly after this I won the main award at the Enterprising Vision. Then Radio 5 Live broadcast live from Tom Harrison House last week and gained us so much momentum. And now I’m about to speak at TedX Whitehall Women at the end of this month.

Such a ripple effect since that night on the 3rd March.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that Simone of NPW has put in front of me, meetings she has brokered and connections she has made for me and the charity.

Although I think my inner critic will always want to have a pop at me at any awards dinners I go to, the events that have followed from the 3rd of March are so significant, I know I will always keep moving through the noise of its chatter to keep ensuring more leverage for the charity and the amazing work, myself the clients and the staff team all do.

Next week I’m attending the Women of the Year Lunch in London, I will walk in with Simone’s wonderful cheerleading voice in my head, remembering her encouragement every step of the way!

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