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PodBlog: by Athena Livesey

Where you are from should not be a barrier to your prospects £12M is all that is being invested in Northern Schools when we have double the national average of 16-18 years olds not in education or employment and are subsequently falling behind their peers in the south. How can this be when we are surrounded by ancestral legacy’s such as the Industrial Revolution with viaducts crashing through our landscapes and chimneys poking through our skies? Not forgetting the struggles...
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NPW Self Curious: Three Steps to a Beach-Ready Inbox

The most productive day of my whole year is the day before I go on holiday. I know I’m not alone in this, but I’d never given it much thought before. It turns out there are things that we do when we are up against a hard deadline that could make the daily grind more of a joyful zhuzh if we did them more often. Here are my top three, with a ‘daily fix’ – an idea about how you...
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NPW Self Curious: Rediscover your superhero pants

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I have learned a thing or two about unleashing awesomeness which I wanted to share with others. This doesn’t mean I think I’m more awesome than you (LOUD AWKWARD LAUGH). It’s just that each of us is born with our own unique stuff that equals our own flavour of awesome, and so few of us are letting it out. In other words: we all own a pair of superhero pants....
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NPW Self Curious: Feel the fear and mingle anyway

“I’m rubbish at networking.” “Networking fills me with dread.” “I’d rather eat my own arm than go to a networking event on my own.” “When it gets to the part of the agenda that says ‘networking’ I just go and sit on the loo and read Twitter.” I have literally said all of these things. I’d also love to say that I’ve never gone to the loo when the ‘networking’ session started, even when I didn’t need a wee… But...
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NPW Self Curious: Start where you are

Hello world! First things first, have you got your cuppa ready? This is the first instalment of Self Curious, a brand spanking new weekly NPW blog. It’s designed to be a snappy personal development download that doesn’t take longer to enjoy than a morning brew. Get the latest on how to get more done, forge fantastic relationships, and generally unleash more of your most awesome self at work and play. If you always wait for the perfect moment to start,...
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Northern Powerhouse Business Summit – in NEWCASTLE!

I was blown away by the amazing innovation, opportunities and excellence in the North showcased at the outstanding three-day Northern Powerhouse Business Summit event, as part of the wider Great Exhibition of the North, which is taking place in Newcastle right now. I didn’t get to attend every session but what I did see left me inspired and motivated. Day one was themed Great Innovators which was extra fitting given the whole event was being held at Boiler Shop, former...
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Power Q&A: Vanda Murray OBE non-executive director, Pro Vice Chancellor and Chair, Manchester Metropolitan University

NPW POWER LIST How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality? It’s a movement that’s growing in force and in numbers, creating a voice and a visibility that simply wasn’t there before. It’s created a real buzz around what a group of women and men can do, hopefully more men in the future, to create visible role models and be a voice for what women can achieve in the workplace. I’d like to see the transformation of...
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Power Q&A: Misba Khan, Finance Assistant, NHS

NPW FUTURE LIST How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality? This is the first time I’ve attended an NPW event and I’m really inspired. I’m definitely coming back again – I’ve found some of the women have been following my expedition to the North Pole! I’m going to use some of the ideas from today. How do you accelerate gender diversity in your everyday practice? We have a good balance in my workplace of men and...
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Power Q&A: Ema Wilkes, Senior Managing Director, Neo Community

PERSON WITH PURPOSE WINNER 2017 How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality? I think what’s really good is that Northern Power Women are at all different levels on their career path – but we’re all equal in this setting – so it doesn’t matter who’s a CEO in this building. It’s very important for young women like me to have strong role models that I can identify with. We can’t be what we can’t see. I...
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Power Q&A: Sally Penni Barrister at Law, CEO and founder of Women in the Law and Business UK

NPW POWER LIST How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality? I’ve been a judge on the NPW awards panel for a few years and see all the applications that come in – and the difference is, the difference that the nominees really make. And it’s the momentum, especially now Simone’s doing more of the Power Circle conversations, about how and where we can start to accelerate more. It’s really gained momentum. The awards are good because...
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POWER Q&A: Nicola Quayle, Senior Partner, KPMG

How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality? I would say the difference is Simone. The energy and passion she brings to the agenda is refreshing. Simone captures it nicely when she talks about her desire to get women together not to just talk about the diversity or inclusion issues, but to talk about business. NPW gives women a forum, with a great reach, to have different discussions and to talk about women in business rather than...
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POWER Q&A: Georgia Shiels, rally cross driver, engineering student and motorsport broadcaster

FUTURE LIST How is NPW different from other groups promoting gender equality? I got into racing at 16 years old and refused to join any groups that were women-only because, being a woman in a male-dominated space, I didn’t want to be segregated any more than I was already. When I came across NPW I saw how many men were involved and supporting it – that’s what we need to become really equal, rather than segregate ourselves even more. In...
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