Book Review: The Ambition Accelerator by Sophie Milliken

Book review: The Ambition Accelerator by Sophie Milliken

When you’re a young woman, you’re supposed to feel like the world is your oyster. With a deft scattering of your CV across the hiring departments of your dream companies, you should be able to start building the career you’ve always wanted for yourself, applying your zest for life and young energy to overcome any challenge that presents itself. 


Instead, we are in 2021. Slowly emerging from the frying pan of a global pandemic, and into the fire of an economic crisis and a competitive job market. Brilliant. Despite feelings like the world of work I was once so excited to enter is stacked against me, these anxieties have eased considerably since I read Sophie Milliken’s second book The Ambition Accelerator. Jam-packed with advice, life lessons, and personal experiences, reading The Ambition Accelerator will give you endless ideas and strategies for how to turn your career ambitions into reality. 


Who is Sophie Milliken? 

Sophie Milliken is a former graduate recruiter at John Lewis, who now works as managing director at SRS, a graduate recruitment and employability consultancy. With nearly 20 years of professional experience under her belt, Sophie is a recruitment and employability expert. Since 2013, Sophie has been a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and she is passionate about using her skills and experience to make sure that every graduate is given the opportunity to secure the right position for them. Given Sophie’s vast experiences in recruitment, you can be sure that the insights she reveals in The Ambition Accelerator are tried and tested tactics to get you exactly where you want to be. 


What is the book about? 

The Ambition Accelerator is a manual for young, ambitious women, who want to build a positive and lasting career for themselves. Accompanied by autobiographical extracts of Sophie’s own personal journey to success, The Ambition Accelerator gives you a realistic insight into the pin-ball-esque route to achieving your goals, a route that is often misconstrued as a simple and straight A to B cake-walk. 


How is it structured? 

Starting with a foreword from Northern Power Women’s founder and CEO Simone Roche MBE, Simone tells readers why picking up The Ambition Accelerator is one of the best things you can do to help your career. “Through this book you will be given the tools to take the next step in reaching your potential and hitting those goals”. After an introduction from Sophie herself, where she gives recommendations on how to get the most out of this book, The Ambition Accelerator is split into 5 digestible sections: 

  • My Story – Lessons I’ve learned 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Building your network 
  • Harnessing your potential 
  • Final thoughts


Each section is filled with Sophie’s own anecdotal advice, recommendations backed up by theory, and ‘take action’ points: easy steps that you can take in your own career to get closer to success. 


Why should I buy it? 

Alongside examples and lessons from Sophie’s personal journey, The Ambition Accelerator features advice from a group of incredible women. Determined to fill her book with as many personal experiences as possible, Sophie started thinking how great it would be to include stories from other women, and began approaching women from various sectors for their insights into career success. Throughout each chapter of the book, Sophie has included pearls of wisdom and advice from people like Sara Davies MBE, Margaret Casely-Hayford CBE, Ayesha Nayyar and Jacqueline de Rojas CBE to name a few. 


Just in case career advice from an amazing line-up of nationally recognised business women wasn’t enough for you, readers of The Ambition Accelerator also get exclusive access to additional resources mentioned throughout the book. Follow the link included in the book to get your hands on a downloadable template for your own personal development plan, accomplishments worksheet, and a reading list of Sophie’s top titles that she thinks will inspire you to take further action. 


Where can I buy it? 

The Ambition Accelerator is available from all major book retailers, such as Amazon and Waterstones. The book is also now available to download on kindle and as an e-book, and over the 10th and 11th of March, The Ambition Accelerator will be available for an incredible 99p in digital formats! Not sure where to start to get closer to your goals? Buy The Ambition Accelerator and start powering up your professional success. 

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