Dance is the answer! Wieke Eringa Talks About Bringing Society Together

Dance is beautiful. Hundreds of hours of rehearsals, practicing movements and emotions, all to achieve perfection. Yet, Wieke believes that dance does not have to be exclusive to creatives and can help everyone.

If teachers introduce dance early on it can help pupils improve in maths and other subjects.

Taking her expertise from dance, Wieke spoke to the audience at #NPWLive about how her work has allowed for her to explore genders and perceptions.

Dance is a brilliant way to understand gender because it uses the human body. Let’s expand our ideas on who can dance, and how dance happens.

More importantly, dance allows for people to stop seeing genders as binary. Wieke explained how dance is not only helping perceptions, but it is actively combatting the idea of binary genders.

Let’s stop binary thinking.

Through the work at Yorkshire Dance, and the community outreach projects it undertakes with her lead, Wieke has successfully allowed dance to be the gel that allows our society to come closer together. Equality is undeniably important. Women like Wieke allows for us to continue hoping that one day equality can be achieved.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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