Expert Negotiator Takes On Room Full Of Wonder Women At NPWLive

Taking an audience, that was already brimming with excitement, to a higher notch of happiness can only be done by a global expert on negotiations. Natalie Reynolds, CEO of Advantage Springs, took to the #NPWLive stage to talk about her experiences in a male-dominated industry.

A key leader in her field, Natalie captivated the audience with exclusive insights into the world of negotiations. In a world of #Brexit, negotiators have become the core of the United Kingdom’s future.

There is a need for women negotiators, for no other reasons than they are good at it. Women negotiate less but are proven to be insightful, creative and collaborative.

Natalie emphasised the need for women in the industry. Particularly important in a sector that is still dominated by white middle-aged men. The experience of Natalie was abundantly clear, with her outlook on topics being well intertwined within her talk.

Stand up. Step up. Speak up. Help seek solutions, the world needs women. The world needs YOU!

Aside from her negotiator expertise, Natalie was a source of empowerment for many, setting the tone for a day that will remain firmly implanted within the minds of many.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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