Get your voice out there with Be Heard

Get your voice out there with Be Heard

Northern Power Women are thrilled to announce the launch of their unique Be Heard platform. The platform, serves as a directory of speakers from all experiences and backgrounds, that speaker agencies and event planners can use to bring diversity to their panels or discussions. As a potential speaker, you create your own personal profile, adding your professions, experiences and areas of interest, making it easier than ever for broadcasters to find the right voice for their event.


Northern Power Women are also excited to share the appointment of our Be Heard Ambassadors, Dr Marnie Millard OBE (Chair of the UA92 Board and President of the British Soft Drinks Association), Michelle Jones (Founder of Kind Currency CIC and Owner of Michelle Jones Weddings), and Ngunan Adamu (Producer and Presenter for BBC Radio Merseyside, and Founder and CEO of iWoman Academy).


In her work at the iWoman Academy, Ngunan understands how vital it is that everyone has their unique voice heard: “It’s about owning your story and being confident in that story”. This is precisely what this Be Heard platform enables participants to do. As Simone Roche MBE described, “we’re asking for a seat at the table and we’re asking for our voices to be heard, and for me this was a practical way to achieve this”.


The Leveling up by Powering on Report, published in September of 2020, detailed how the Northern Power Women community had responded to the challenges of lockdown and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In the report, Northern Power Women founder and CEO, Simone Roche MBE, laid out the plans for her #BeHeard campaign, aimed at addressing the disproportionate representation of certain points of view in mainstream media. As Simone described in her section of the report, “creating a portfolio of individuals willing to speak in the media on a wide range of subjects will be helpful to more accurately reflect the world we live in”. Our BeHeard platform is the culmination of this period of pivoting and planning, and is a tool that can be used by speaker agencies and event planners to ensure that their target audiences are authentically represented.


This Be Heard platform is just the beginning. Northern Power Women are also looking to the future, and hoping to start meaningful conversations with broadcasters, to ensure that media platforms for sharing perspectives and stories are considered safe spaces to share personal experiences. Dr Marnie Millard OBE talked of the importance of creating these safe spaces in the media, relaying her own personal experiences of being interviewed: “The reality is, as a high profile business person, when you’re with your financial PR company, and they talk about you being media trained, you’re always trained for the worst case scenario. You’re trained for a journalist who is going to try and get a juicy story out of you, to try and trip you up, who makes you feel uncomfortable […] I think if we can turn that around and guarantee that the interviewer is not going to trip you up, people will be able to learn from their media experiences”.


In the Pay it Forward spirit that runs deep throughout the Northern Power Women community, why not encourage your friends and colleagues to sign up for their own BeHeard profile and get their voice out there. 

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