April 2021

High 5 with Simone Roche MBE

The last four weeks have marked this year’s Stress Awareness Month, and we’ve been sharing resources, guides and advice with the NPW community for overcoming and avoiding stress. One of the resources we shared this week talked about how the act of expressing gratitude has been proven to alleviate stress symptoms from the body. So, in sharing my top 5 highlights from the last month, not only am I sharing the NPW team high-5 tradition with you, I’m also looking after my health! 


Here are the top 5 things that got me high 5-ing over April. 


1. The Good Business Festival and the two Youthquake Speakers (and the home-made pies!)

This week I attended The Good Business Festival’s Change Business for Good event; the first LIVE event I’ve attended in over a year. And with no covid restrictions at all! The event was held as part of the government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) – a science-led initiative to get large venues open again as restrictions ease. Undoubtedly my highlight of the event was seeing two learners from The Youthquake programme take to the stage to talk about the skills they’ve learnt from the programme. They absolutely rocked it, and were a real testament to the innovative Youthquake Programme, that Northern Power Women proudly supported. 

2. The Power Platform was Honoured for a Webby Award

Last week we were thrilled to discover that the Power Platform has been Honoured for Best Community Website in the 25th Annual Webby Awards. The Webby Awards are hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, and we are so thrilled that our work on the Power Platform has received such prestigious international recognition! We created the platform as a way of enabling meaningful connections and providing people with the tools that they need to take a step closer to their goals. 

3. Professor Jane Turner OBE & the Power of Women Campaign 

Viewers of BBC Look North were filled with inspiration and awe, as Professor Jane Turner OBE was interviewed about the launch of the Power of Women Campaign last week. The campaign will focus on young women and girls in the NorthEast region of the U.K., empowering and uplifting them to take control over their futures. Professor Turner’s commitment to gender equality and championing female role-models throughout the region is awe-inspiring. 


4. The innovators, the builders, the change-makers, and my NPW team. 

Over the last year I’ve been continually impressed with how communities have adapted and innovated and overcome the challenges that the pandemic has thrown our way. But even as the lockdown restrictions ease the rate of innovation and creation has not slowed. We’ve recently gone live on our Be Heard platform; a searchable database of speakers that bookers can use to find new voices for their broadcast media. This tool will be a reliable resource that we can use to encourage better representation and level-up the media and events industry. We’ve also been busy working on a second, TOP SECRET project, which will help us to bring connectivity to our community of over 70,000 people. Watch this space for updates! 


5. April’s paddle boarding weather 

Last month my final high 5 went to my paddle board, and how it helps me disconnect from Teams notifications and whatsapp messages. Previously, I’ve had to be pretty determined to disconnect, as the tropical temperatures of the Costa-del-Merseyside have made paddle boarding in horizontal rain and gale-force winds a pretty radical method for creating some digital distance in my life. But finally, and much to my relief, we’re starting to see the signs of summer, making for some delightful days out on the water. 


If you haven’t yet, make sure to take up the NPW High 5 tradition with your team. Book in a High 5 call as your last meeting on a Friday, and encourage everyone to share the person, accomplishment or even the takeaway that’s making them High 5.

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