High 5 with Simone Roche MBE

June 2021

Despite the mixed weather we’ve been experiencing recently, it definitely feels like summer is almost here! This is a really exciting time, and particularly over the last month we’ve been setting goals, re-defining our future, and committing to ensuring that future talent has a seat at the table in the post pandemic way of life.  


1. Lucy Kennedy

My first high 5 from this last month has to go to our Digital Marketing and Social Media Intern, Lucy Kennedy. Even though Lucy was only with us for 4 weeks, she brought with her a whole load of experiences and practical skills that instantly made an impact on the team. Lucy only graduated a couple of weeks before she joined us, and having her on board reinforced to me the importance of championing young people and I’m so grateful for her passion and creativity that lead to fantastic work.


2. NPWAwards planning 

Finding ourselves already halfway through 2021, at Northern Power Women we’ve already started to look ahead to what we want to get up to next year. Namely, our plans for the 2022 NPWAwards. Our awards always feel like Christmas Day for me, as the event marks a celebration of the superstars of our community. It’s so exciting to start planning the details of our awards and definitely my second high 5 of June. 


3. Couch to 5k 

I’ve never been a fan of running. Until recently, that is. My Operations and Partnerships executive, Philly Strahan, has recently completed Couch to 5k, and as a fellow jog-o-phobe I was interested to hear how her opinion of running has changed dramatically. Since then, myself and two other team members have downloaded the app, started the programme and are keeping each other accountable. Knowing that you’ve got a team of people around you makes you feel incredibly supported so let us know on social if you are doing it too! My third high 5 goes to Couch to 5k, and the support you get from trying something new as a group.


4. New Traits of Leadership Power Circle

Another highlight from the last 4 weeks was our most recent Power Circle discussing the New Traits of Leadership research we have conducted almost a year ago in collaboration with Teesside University. The initial idea for this research was detailed in our Levelling Up by Powering On report, published last year. Being able to see how our ideas and styles of leadership have changed since then was amazing. It’s never just a talking shop with NPW. We’re here to create positive change, for good. 


5. Professor Jane Turner OBE and our inspirational community 

Earlier this week, Tees Business released the results of the Tees Region 30 Most Inspiring Business People of the Year, as voted for by their peers. I was thrilled to see some of our Power Women throughout the list, like Jane Armitage and Laura Hepburn. A huge congratulations goes to Professor Jane Turner OBE who came first, and has been voted as the most inspiring business person of 2021. My final high 5 goes to the inspiring role models that I am so proud to have as part of this Northern Power Women community. 


If you haven’t yet, make sure to take up the NPW High 5 tradition with your team. Book in a High 5 call as your last meeting on a Friday, and encourage everyone to share the person, accomplishment or even the takeaway order that’s making them High 5. 


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