High 5 with Simone Roche MBE

March 2021

High 5 with Simone Roche MBE

The Northern Power Women team have started a tradition. 


High-5 Friday is our last meeting of the week and it always puts a smile on my face. All the NPW team share what their high-5 of the week is as well as vitally… what we are having for tea. Sharing an accomplishment, a good news story or even a photo of a hedgehog cake that made us smile feels like a good way to end the week!


I wanted to share this tradition with you all and share my high-5s over the last month as we look forward to continuing our work with the amazing NPW community to build forward better!


  1. A group speed check. 

I know January blues happen every year, but this January was one of the toughest we’ve had yet. There was a period where everyone felt like there was no real end in sight, and a real grief for what felt like a loss of control. My first high 5 is how we came together to support each other, and acknowledge that we can’t always move at break-neck speed, shaking maracas with jolly jazz hands. We slowed down, checked in on each other, and knew we’d get through this together. 


       2. Leaning into innovation 

Over the last few weeks, indeed, months, the NPW community has come into its own as we pivoted to overcome new challenges. During the last year this community has responded to and supported all of our ideas in full force. Our calls to ‘sign up to mentor’, ‘join this event’, and ‘talk to these strangers in a zoom room’, have been met with an army of Northern Power Women, who have placed their trust in us to deliver and empower. We’ve been using our individual and collective power to solve problems, and create positive, lasting change, and for that I am high 5-ing. 


       3. My Team 

None of these highlights would have been possible if it weren’t for all the phenomenal people who have worked alongside me on the NPW team. From the team I had around me this time last year, who helped me plan out my vision for the NPWAwards, to the team we have now, who have made those plans a reality. My third high 5 is my wonderful team, old and new, and their continued support. 


       4. Technology for good 

There have certainly been highs and lows in my relationship with technology, but I know that our use of various platforms and social media has kept us all connected. Our NPWAwards reached a whopping 25million impressions on social media, and I’m thrilled that we were able to harness technology for good to empower such a wide audience. In addition to using tech for work, I think most of us have relied on technology to keep us close to our loved ones, through whatsapp group chats and with zoom quizzes. More than anything, I’m amazed with how we continue to come up with creative ways of expressing lockdown frustrations through the medium of gifs! I’m high 5-ing being able to use technology for good, to connect, inspire, collaborate, and check in on the checkers.


        5. My paddle board 

While I am high 5-ing technology and how it has kept us so connected, this has also brought the challenge of trying to escape the Teams notifications and social media scrolling. Getting out on my paddle board forces me to put the phone away and focus on me. Even though this version of self-care often entails having some rather aggressive North-East wind in my face, paddle boarding is a really simple thing I’ve been able to do to disconnect from work, and so my final high 5 for this month goes to my paddle board.


Block out that half an hour at the end of the week for one last zoom call with your team, and High 5 for what you’ve all achieved. Once you start looking for something in your week to High 5 about, you end up finding a whole bunch of reasons to feel grateful and proud.