How To Change History Through Performance

Have you ever listened to a performance where you become entranced by the beauty of the words being spoken? Well, Khadijah Ibrahiim did just that. A write who combines art forms to re-imagine poetry as performance theatre, Khadijah is a craftsman of language, placing thoughts together to create one mesmerising piece.

Do you see me?

Opening her performance, Khadijah asked this question.
I am a daughter holding these stories. I am a breath that calls these names.
From the beginning, it was clear that Khadijah had a powerful presence on stage. After her introduction, she began to tell her story. What was most prominent about Khadijah’s mentality was her relationship with bringing social change through the medium of art.

I believe in the interaction with the body and the stage… Empowering those who are marginalised through poetry.

With an extensive background in theatre, Khadijah published Another Crossing in 2014, documenting the stories of the communities where she grew up.

Fusing poetry and performance together, Khadijah spoke in a tone which began hypnotic to listen to, a truly breathtaking woman with a beautiful story.

Marginalised women of colour are [bestowed] with social expectation; effecting how women of colour are supposed to think, act and feel.

Double discrimination.

Following on from her community project, Khadijah is now beginning a sequel titled A Sign Of The Times. Focussing on gender issues, she hopes to look at suffering from another dimension.

Through my own isolation of colour, I explore ways women of colour can reach self-transformation through the arts.

We have been documenting the stories from #NPWLive, summarising the powerful stories that were told in Leeds. However, to feel the effect of Khadijah’s words, you have to listen to her talk.

Our words can only take you so far, Khadijah’s words are far too beautiful to be missed.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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