How You can Stand up and #BeHeard in Any Situation

How You can Stand up and #BeHeard in Any Situation

Written by Lottie Ingham for #NPWLive

Do you often find yourself stuttering to get a word in during meetings? Constantly interrupted or just downright ignored? #NPWLive has been supporting the #BeHeard campaign which is all about giving everyone the chance to speak.

On the back of National Be Heard day yesterday and International Women’s Day today, NPW is launching a platform to encourage and empower people like you, especially if you’re familiar with that occasional ‘imposter syndrome’ feeling, to have your voices heard in meetings, interviews, and life in general.

#NPWLive launched a campaign for your videos on your experiences around being heard in the workplace and in everyday life. We received over 150 entries and selected 10 to show at our event today and inspire young people to fight for the right to be heard. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel as we share these individual videos with you in the coming months!

Although it can feel daunting to unmute your mic, turn on your camera and speak your opinions in an online meeting, it’s so important for us to take the leap out of our comfort zone and get our voices heard. Without our input, the meeting is lacking diversity and talent, and your idea or opinion could change everything!

Emma Cain explains, “I come from a very working class family. I realised that I really wanted to go into a creative industry and I had to build up my CV. It was as easy as breaking my challenge down and saying, “right, how am I going to achieve this?”.

In the end, it’s all about networking which was the focus of our earlier event on weak ties and reconnecting with contacts. Emma continues, “I got in touch with a production manager and I ended up working in TV for about 4 years and working my way up from runner to Assistant Producer. It didn’t enter my brain that I could end up working in telly.”

It’s so important to feel relaxed and able to share your thoughts and vision with the people you’re working with. Check out @BeHeard_IO or for more information to equip you with the skills you need to #BeHeard, or watch our #NPWLive talks here!

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