Lights… Camera… Equality

Never has there been two speakers more comfortable in the limelight. Film industry geniuses Samantha Mesagno and Max Gee took to the #NPWLive stage for the grand finale. Samantha’s recent acting credits include a to-be released feature film, Freesia, as well as working with Disney and the BBC. Max is an academic and freelance writer for a number of productions, specialising in post-human noir, she was most notably the co-writer of Tales of Bacon.

Geniuses of the film industry, this dynamic duo took to the stage to talk about the lack of gender equality within media industries, especially within the acting world.
Issues about female voices and attitudes towards gender equality is something that is really concerning right now. — Max

Gender equality is a thriving problem within our society, so how are they going to improve it? Through film itself, of course. Terminal is a short film led by females and is the brain child of Max, with Samantha featuring as one of the lead actors.

Tall, small, male, female, any job can be done by anyone. With the Terminal, we are all truly equal.

Through Crowdfunding, the incredible duo hope to move onto the next phase of shooting the short feature-length film. What was adherently clear from listening to Samantha and Max speak was the pure passion they had for their work. With every word, each of the audience became addicted to not only the storyline of Terminal, but the ethos it stands for.

[Terminal] has such important messages on equality, sexuality, identity — so we just want to get that message out there. — Samantha

If there is one thing you do today, go and support Max and Samantha’s revolutionary film. We cannot wait to see this at Cannes (trust me, it will be there).

By @AbedinCG

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