Liverpool John Moores University: A Partnership case study

Liverpool John Moores University: A Partnership case study

Northern Power Futures are passionate about creating authentic and meaningful partnerships that enable future talent to feel in control of their future. Since the start of the year, one of our academic partners, Liverpool John Moores University Business School, has been making the most of our relationship in order to provide students with the opportunities they need to stand out in the world of work. 


Coffee and connect 


We were able to foster connections between the students and one of our partner organisations, BNY Mellon. Through our pilot Coffee and Connect session, one of the many connecting sessions we offer at Northern Power Women, LJMU Business School students were able to ask their burning questions about networking and career prospects with some of the BNY Mellon team. Not only did LJMU students have the chance to chat with established professionals, but the BNY Mellon Coffee and Connect participants were also given a chance to connect with upcoming future talent, and better understand their feelings about launching their own careers. 


60 mins with BNY Mellon 


Following the success of the Coffee and Connect session, LJMU students were given further insight into the vital work that BNY Mellon does. BNY Mellon Relationship Managers Jim Caulkett and Allan Gaskin spoke to students from Liverpool John Moores University Business School for their session ‘60 minutes with BNY Mellon’.  During their presentation both Jim and Allan went into depth about what BNY Mellon does as a custodian, their work as investment managers and strategists, and how they oversee client assets, providing students with a detailed overview into the fascinating work that they do. 


Regional director of recruitment for BNY Mellon, Valentina Marsh, was also on hand to answer questions from the students at the end of the session, helping to problem solve and myth-bust concerns that young people might have about starting a career in finance. The session served as a great opportunity for Liverpool John Moores University Business School students to get an authentic insight into the reality of working for such an internationally recognised organisation. 

Carousel Leadership Mentoring 


On Monday 22nd March 2021, a host of cross-sector mentors participated in Northern Power Futures’ Carousel Leadership Mentoring event, aimed specifically at 1st and 2nd year LJMU Business School students. In each of the three 1 hour sessions, students were sorted into zoom rooms with cross-sector mentors, who were ready to discuss all-things leadership, and pass on their advice and experiences to the students. Each conversation lasted 15 minutes, before the zoom rooms were rotated and students were placed with brand new mentors. 


The event was a chance for students to have real-life experience talking to industry professionals about different topics. The customization of this event to cater to the topic of leadership highlights how Northern Power Futures’ connecting services can be tailored to meet the bespoke and varied needs of our partner organisations. Mentors and students collaboratively tackled questions such as: 


What styles of leadership do you think are most effective for leading a team, organisation or government and what styles of leadership would make you want to choose an employer?


What do you think the future ways of working will be and how can we ensure that we make ‘work’ work for us?


How important is an organisation’s commitment to social responsibility to you? 


One student came away feeling reassured by the session, saying that “I’ve learnt a lot about leadership skills and applying for jobs and not feeling so anxious about settling for the first job that comes along”. The benefit of the carousel session was also felt by the attending mentors, and one of them highlighted the importance of such events in the current climate: “it’s really useful to keep in touch with the younger generation to talk about what they’re going through at the moment and what it’s like being a student in the pandemic”. 

Carousel mentoring#NPWLive 


On International Women’s Day this year, Northern Power Women broke the internet with their #NPWLive event, which reached over 25 million impressions across social media. The event was launched by the carousel mentoring event, aimed to create as many empowering and authentic connections between students, young professionals, and industry leaders as possible. As a partnered organisation, LJMU Business School students were given coveted spots on the mentoring session, and benefited enormously from such an opportunity. Carousel mentoring provides University Students direct access to advice and guidance from cross-sector industry professionals to help them make career choices whilst connecting this talent pipeline to business. Young people have had far less opportunity to build their network and expand their horizons than generations before them.


3rd year networking event 


At the very start of the year, back in January, final year students at the Liverpool John Moores University Business school had their chance to get exclusive insight and advice about starting your career from 60 industry leaders. The aim of the event was to give students first hand experience of networking with industry professionals connecting this talent pipeline with business. Mentors built up their confidence and expanded their horizons by providing this opportunity for real-life experience to hone skills needed when they leave University.

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