Living Longer More Connected Life.

An ex-golfing professional, and now a Psychiatric Nurse and Knowledge Manager, Tony Jameson-Allen advocates for brilliant people to be brought into a social enterprise.

Tony came to #NPWLive with the goal of spreading conversation through stimulating past memories. Through extensive research, the Sporting Memories Network was formed, building on the technique of allowing communication to nurture.

How can we connect people across communications? Across generations? To have fun and lasting friendships, people must stay connected within their communities. Constantly expanding your story and actions.

Memories through sport or any other means will help you build your community. Through helping your community, we can all live longer

To age well and live well, we need to be connected.

What Tony has developed is an essential tool in continuing healthy minds and healthy lives. You can support the Sporting Memories Network by sharing their story and website.

Written by @AbedinCG for @NorthPowerWomen, #NPWLive.

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