Meet the woman behind the NPW Awards

Gemma Truman Glass

Gemma Truman is the creative force behind our beautiful, blown-glass Northern Power Women awards. We had a chat with Gemma, who is a Northern gal herself, to find out how she started glassblowing and her inspiration around creating the bespoke awards.

Hi Gemma! How did you get involved with Northern Power Women?

Twitter! I had not long joined and was exploring the ‘Twitterverse’ and came across NPW, and I was really interested and excited by what I was seeing. Simone and I got chatting and with I sudden burst of confidence (from I don’t know where!) I asked if she was looking for awards for what I then learnt was the very first Awards!

I have learnt so much from Simone and NPW, from the many different events, the podcasts, the ongoing conversation on all platforms. I am so happy to be working with NPW and Simone. It’s such an amazing community and I’ve never felt so incredibly understood, heard and empowered as a woman and person before. The constant ongoing conversations being encouraged and nurtured by NPW are so so valuable. My most significant take away from everything to do with NPW has been learning and realising that we are all role models if we realise or not. That was a huge lesson for me, scary at first but so empowering. I have been making sure I make the most of it I can ever since. I love that I am able to help anyone that might be at an earlier stage than me, in some, any, way!

Gemma during the “cold-work” process in her Manchester studio and a sneak peek of this year’s awards.

What made you start glassblowing?

So many different things! I had loved glass from an early age, always collecting sea glass from the beaches on the Wirral at weekends growing up. And through the course of all my creative education, I was just always drawn to glass or glass-like materials. Then on my degree, I had my first taste. It was terrifying. After my first go, I was shaking! I honestly didn’t think I could do it. But I went back again and again. And have loved it ever since. I adore glassblowing. I cannot see myself doing anything else. It’s probably the first thing I did that I knew, even though this is scary it’s going to be amazing.

Can you tell us about the concept for the awards? Are they different every year?

As soon as I saw the logo I knew I could make something great. Aside from feeling connected to Northern Power Women and everything it was about. I just fell in love with the colours. They were my favourite colours already.

We met up a couple of times before the first awards and I brought along boxes of my glass work to one of the meetings with the judges and discussed what was possible and how to we were going to make the first awards from the fabulous colours in the NPW LOGO. And it’s been a pleasure ever since! Every year I wonder how on earth I will better them the year after!

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