Michelle Jones on her NPWLive Talk

Michelle Jones on her NPWLive Talk

On Monday 8th of March, Northern Power Women will be celebrating International Women’s Day by hosting their NPWLive event. Alongside carousel mentoring, carousel networking, and a keynote conversation with Simone Roche MBE, Northern Power Women will be marking the occasion by amplifying voices with NPWLive talks. These talks will be a sample of bitesize 3 minute videos submitted by those who want to pass on their experiences and wisdom to the Northern Power Women Community. The videos accompany this year’s International Women’s Day theme, ‘Choose to Challenge’, and will allow event attendees to learn from the collective experiences of the Northern Power Women community. 


One Northern Power Woman, who chose to challenge herself by sending in her NPWLive talk video, was Michelle Jones, founder of Michelle Jones Weddings and Kind Currency. By sending in her 3 minute video, Michelle grasped the opportunity to share her experiences of choices and changes she has made, as well as challenges she has overcome during her life, so that those who attend the online event can learn from her personal journey. 


When she first heard about the NPWLive event, Michelle was keen to find out how she could get involved with the celebrations, and to her, “the talks stood out as something that I could actually do”, offering a concrete path into being part of this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations. Michelle also spoke about how excited she is to attend the NPWLive event, since, after nearly a year of being in lockdown, “getting the opportunity to attend an event that is all about celebrating people and giving the opportunity to learn and grow is really needed at the moment”. Learning and growing in a collaborative and empowering way, via the NPWLive talks, is also the perfect way to embody the International Women’s Day ethos of supporting and sharing. By sharing your story with the Northern Power Women community, you will be making your mark on the event, paying your story forward to those who are in need of support. As Michelle said, “you can touch so many more people than if you were just to keep your story to yourself. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am today. I’ve got here by listening to other people’s stories and journeys, and I wouldn’t have if they hadn’t shared them.” 


In her 3 minute video, Michelle spoke of the role that her battle with multiple chronic illnesses has played in her overcoming challenges throughout her life. Being incredibly ambitious as a young woman, Michelle talked about how her diagnosis overshadowed that ambition, “because I was just too scared of everything”. Sure enough, after realising that her chronic illnesses were limiting the numbers of paths open to her, Michelle chose to take control over the direction of her life. “The day I made the decision, when something clicked, I decided these illnesses are not going to be the end of my life […] It got to a point where I could start to be brave again, and start to have those aspirations within my life”. Choosing to pay it back to the communities that had supported her through her own adversities, Michelle chose to turn her energies to volunteering for her local community: “I needed to support my local community, I needed to support people that were facing adversity. That’s a need within me, and that’s my true purpose”


This drive to support others has shaped her decision to found Kind Currency, a community committed to “protect, sustain and celebrate kind people and kind businesses and kind causes”. Speaking of how the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the nature of our lives and communities, she described how “we’re in a period now where we need to change as a society, we need to be kinder to our communities, the planet, to ourselves. Kind currency is the solution to those problems, to try and live a kinder and more inclusive way of life”. The Kind Currency organisation offers a subscription membership, enabling members to access the Businesses for Good Register, as well as offers and savings on a range of products and services. “The subscription membership unites the conscious consumer with Business for Good, with the aim of creating a community fund, which will then celebrate and reward kind people.” 


You, like Michelle has done, can choose kindness by sending in your NPWLive talks video. Michelle spoke of how easy the process of filming and submitting the video was. “It was an absolute doddle”, she shared. The key to capturing the authenticity of your personal story, according to Michelle, is to not overthink it. No need to rehearse, write a script, or do a dress rehearsal. Simply set up your phone, press record and start sharing your story. For those who are daunted by the prospect of filming and editing your own video, Michelle also shared how easy the process was, making use of free filming and editing apps, such as FilmoraGo. “Even using a really basic, free editing tool, it’s just a case of uploading a video, and cutting and pasting with the timeframes to put it together. This took me a matter of minutes”. Once you’ve filmed and edited your talk, you can use free services such as WeTransfer to send in your video to Northern Power Women. 


Following these simple steps and sending in your Live Talks is the perfect way to set yourself a small, achievable goal this International Women’s Day. As Michelle said, these videos were the perfect way of pushing herself, “because I’m trying to challenge myself to be braver at the moment, so it seemed like a really good opportunity”. These NPWLive talks are an opportunity to share your story as other people are writing their own. As Michelle summarized, “the volume of people you can touch is far greater when you take an opportunity like the talks”. She encourages anyone considering sending in their video to “not overthink it, just do it! If you’re brave enough, just press the send button”.  


If you’ve been inspired by Michelle’s act of bravery, and want to send in your own 3 minute live talk, check out our NPWLive talk instruction page, for simple steps, tips and tricks for how to pass on your story to help those in need of some kindness. 


And if you want to be a part of our NPWLive celebrations, head over to our website to sign up to the event and find out more! 

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