Natalie Negotiates New York!

I have just got back from a speaking tour in New York City, delivering negotiation skills seminars to organisations such as Invesco, Thomson Reuters and Freshfields as well as to networks such as the Wall Street Womens Alliance. The focus of my tour was to explore whether gender plays a role at the negotiation table and to seek the views of professional women in NYC to see if experiences, attitudes and stereotyping was any different in the US than to here in the UK. Over the week we engaged with over 350 women and provided them with top tips to overcome the common mistakes made when negotiating (mistakes made by everyone…male, female, young, old, experienced, inexperienced!) and worked through the common stereotypes that exist about women as dealmakers, providing advice and strategies to get the best deal, every time.

Whilst in the city I was delighted at how much enthusiasm there was from women to be better negotiators. Our message that negotiation should be viewed as a powerful skill in our personal lives as well as at work seemed to really resonate with our audiences…after all, the ability to ask and influence others is the key to getting what we want in a whole range of situations. Just as importantly, women united behind our message that gender is not an indicator when it comes to negotiation capability. The negotiation anxieties of professional women in the US completely matched those we come across in the UK… and, as a result, the most important takeaway from all of our sessions was that what matters is doing your research, being able to be flexible and knowing your negotiation. Find out about all of this…and how a gorilla can help you negotiate better deals… at our Northern Power Women workshop this week.

Is negotiation a man’s game? Not if we have anything to do with it!
Natalie Reynolds, advantageSpring

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