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Nathan Johnson
Relationship Manager
NatWest Business

Why did you choose your organisation to do an apprenticeship?

I chose RBS/NatWest to complete my apprenticeship due to my family ties with the organisation. Both of my parents had worked for the group 25+ years with my Mum a part-time Cashier and my Dad a Regional Director.

When the apprenticeship was paged and shared with myself it was a fantastic opportunity to pick up where my parents left off and start my own journey with an organisation that looked after my parents for many years.

What are the benefits of your apprenticeship?

The benefits to my apprenticeship were amazing! From an exceptional pay to learning skills I would never had experienced at college or university. My first line manager had an huge influence on my career with his none traditional management style he gave me the confidence to stand up and present in a room filled with 100+ people. It was amazing to have that sort of encouragement and belief from someone who’s got vast experience of the financial world.

Who is your all-time role model?

My all-time role model would have to be the legend that is Sir Alan Sugar (not for his choice in football teams) for his remarkable story of starting from the bottom and working your way to the absolute peak.
The resilience, drive and determination he shown is something I try to live by in my career and believe there is no limits to what you can achieve.

What one thing have you learnt during your experience that you could pass on?

The one thing I would pass on to anyone who is looking to enter the ‘world of work’ is self belief, if you don’t believe in yourself to be a success then how can anyone else have that belief in you. Again, if it wasn’t for a Mr Dale Sidebottom (first manager) I do think my own self belief wouldn’t have developed into what it is today!

Please shout out 2 incredible people in your network that are doing great things…

Dale Sidebottom (Regional Director, Entrepreneurship, NatWest) – for being an absolute legend of a boss and teaching me the fundamentals of success I do not believe I would’ve achieved what I have achieved already without your influence so thank you it means a lot!

Twitter – @Dale_SideyNW


Sarah Bailey (Director Business Banking, NatWest)  – for taking my under your wing when moving into my business development role within business banking, you saw something in me and invested the time in upskilling my knowledge and networking pathing the way for my promotion to Relationship Manager, a truly great mentor.

Twitter – @Sarahbailey_1

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