Northern Power Women and Michael Page – How is our cross-sector mentoring scheme changing lives?

How is our cross-sector mentorship scheme changing lives?

Northern Power Women and Michael Page launched the cross-sector mentoring programme in late Summer 2018, bringing together women from different sectors and industries an opportunity to engage, encourage and empower each other. 

Northern Power Women and Michael Page hosted our second cross-sector mentoring connection event in Manchester. The evening reunited mentors and mentees to swap notes, make mischief and collaborate.

“In a room like we have today, there are lawyers, accounts, logistics people, CEOs, CFOs. That broad network will help you push your career on. We’re hoping that it will become something that drives its self. If each of those mentees and mentors can pay it forward and do that for their people in their own businesses, it will get a life of its own and keep growing.”

Nicola Hallworth-Rudd
Regional Director for Michael Page,

The evening featured a talk from Chief Operating Officer at Manchester United FC and Power List member, Collette Roche, and opportunities for the mentors and mentees to network and discuss the difference the mentoring programme has made. “I am really big believer in mentorship, I think it comes in lots of different forms” explains Alice Choi of McCann Health Medical Communications, “Diversity is very important. Having cross-sector mentorship is particularly important as you’re exposed to a lot more diversity, diversity thinking and experiences.”

Northern Power Women and Michael Page will host another connection event in the summer, reviewing the success and progress of the mentor/mentee relationships. “Having someone who has experienced what I’m experience and walked in my shoes does help,” explains mentee Kemi Akinola of United Utilities, “It’s encouraging as well. It’s really helpful to reaffirm the individual.” 

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