Download: Northern Power Women Research Pilot 2017

Download our first research pilot looking at the trajectories of careers for both men and women. Created by Marie Burns, a Business Psychologist qualifying in the UK, Marie has worked with influencers and leaders from a variety of sectors including global corporates and entrepreneurial creatives.

Early on in her career, she specialised in Talent Management leading campaigns for HM Treasury and other government departments, Coca-Cola and a range of financial institutions including AXA and UBS Warburgs. For the past twelve years, Marie has facilitated and coached on global leadership programs for clients including Nokia and Microsoft, Civil Service, BASF and Skanska.

Marie’s unique skill base draws from a range of disciplines including psychology, psychometrics, storytelling, and performance which she has also put to use as a producer of world-class content events to include ThinkingDigital, ThinkingDigitalWomen, TEDx Liverpool, TEDxManchester and of course Northern Power Women Conference and Awards.

Marie is also qualified as a psychotherapist and Coach.
Download your copy here. We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.

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