Let It Go, Part One

We had some great ideas come back in response to last week’s blog, but we also had some silence. Is it time to hang up the pen soon? Possibly. That’s a scary thought but sometimes scary thoughts lead to other great things, so we will keep mulling it over.  

We’re going to take a different word each month to focus in on some of the themes that came up from the responses. 

January – what’s left of it – is going to be about LETTING GO. We’ve only got two weeks so we’d best get cracking.  

Two weeks, two types of letting go. 

The first kind is the sort in *that* song from Frozen: couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried. 

I mean, if it were me I’d have called the song “Let It Out”, but that sounds more like Elsa would be singing about a fly trapped on her kitchen windowsill.  

Sometimes we try really hard not to let something bug us. We think we should rise above it all, putting it out of our mind (conceal, don’t feel). But the fact remains, however hard we try, the feelings build up inside, like popcorn under a saucepan lid, our resistance growing stronger.  

It’s time to take a deep breath and let it out. 


You could run to the top of a mountain and let your emotion fly out of your fingertips in ice crystal form, which, let’s face it would be much more impressive and less emotionally hurtful than shouting at someone caught in your crosshairs.  The whole point of letting go is to unburden you and the vibes you give off too.  

This week I’ve set some homework – an invitation to take some time to get curious for yourself. It’s important to recognise that everyone expresses themselves differently. Just like not everyone preferred art, sport, music, maths or English at  school, what opens the hatch to let go of what’s bubbling up inside us and burning our bellies varies from person to person.  

Be sure that you don’t just pass the parcel on to someone else. It’s a good idea not to write about your fractious fractals on social media either: meaningful conversations take place in private, even if face to face isn’t a possibility.

Once the hatch is open and the fresh air has breezed through, you’ll feel much better set to tackle whatever the new year has in store.  

Next week, we are going to get curious about how to let go of stuff that seems to have stuck to us. The stuff that doesn’t fly out when we open the window.

This week’s homework: Take a few minutes to make a list of the things that give you release, whether that’s energetic or gentle, physical or mental, fun or serious. Then put time in your diary to do one each day, for just a few minutes. Today I went and talked to the ducks in the park at lunchtime. They were great listeners. 

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