NPW Self Curious: Resolutions – get ahead of the curve

You know when you have something you need to make a start on but you don’t really know where? You ignore it, tiptoe around the edges, your desk is immaculately tidy, you find a ten-minute method of making cups of coffee… you just don’t get anywhere.

Just begin. The first ever NPW Self Curious blog is about when you don’t know where to start.
This time of year can be a whirlwind, and the new year in turn becomes the chance to make things right. To recover, reset, restart.

When we’re fresh out of the Christmas pressure cooker, we can make resolutions that are a sticky plaster for the things that didn’t work out so well. We try and change this crisis-fighting version of ourselves.


Right now you’re hopefully in mid-December flow. You’re about to launch into the final push that gets you sprinting over the Christmas finishing line and leaves you comatose on the sofa in a reindeer jumper by the time the Queen’s speech starts.

Now is the perfect time to make your new year’s resolutions.

Don’t know where to start? That’s the perfect place. Just begin.

What will I achieve next year? What will I learn? What will I stop doing? Who will I share my best with? Who will I say no to? What will my guiding values be? Which role model do I want to channel more often? What would I do if I wasn’t scared?

Ask yourself some big questions and write down the answers.

Brene Brown calls it your “sh*tty first draft”. Chuck it all out on paper, and worry about the edit later. It’s the hardest part so just get on with it.

Get the first version of your new year’s resolutions written today. Right now, even. Don’t edit. Once you’re done, stop.

You could post it to yourself in an envelope marked “open on 31 December”. You could email it to yourself and snooze the notification until 31 December (this feature of Gmail is one of my favourite self-nudging hacks).

Future you will thank you, and you’ll be building on your best self – come to think of it, why would you start anywhere else?

Claire Eadington geeks out on workflow management, performance and wellbeing. Claire’s TEDx talk about barriers to performance for exceptional women kicked off the 2017 TEDxWhitehallWomen event in London.

Claire writes a weekly blog, Self Curious, on NPW’s website.
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