Nominations FAQ

How can I nominate? 

You can nominate by visiting our Awards page, choosing the category you are nominating for and filling in the webform provided. You will then receive an email to confirm your nomination. 

Who can I nominate? 

Individual nominees must be from the North, living in the North or working within an organisation based or represented within the Northern Powerhouse regions, North East, North West, North Wales & Yorkshire. 

Nominated organisations must have operations within the Northern Powerhouse regions, North East, North West, North Wales & Yorkshire. 

When do nominations close? 

Nominations will close at midnight on 7th November 2019. 

Can I nominate myself? 

Of course, you can! We accept self-nominations and believe in shouting about the amazing things you are doing. 

Is it free to nominate? 

Yes, it is completely free to nominate for Northern Power Women Awards. 

Can I nominate a man for an NPW Award? 

Yes, we accept nominations for all genders.  

The only categories we don’t accept male nominations for are the NPW Future List and Power List. 

The FL and PL celebrates women in a variety of roles and stages of their career.  

Can I nominate anonymously? 


Can I nominate for multiple categories?  

Please feel free to nominate for multiple categories, including nominations for yourself.  

Is there a limit on how many nominations I can submit? 

There is no limit on nominations, however suspicious or spam-like nominations will be flagged and potentially removed from the nomination process. 

Can NPW advise me on what category to nominate for? 

We are impartial and cannot advise on what category for your nomination. However, each category has a description to help you understand what we are looking for.  

You can also read about past winners from all categories here.   

Do I get a free ticket to the awards for nominating?  

Nominating does not entitle you to a free ticket to the awards.  

Tickets and packages are available here 

I have been nominated for an award and I want to know who nominated me. Can you give me that information? 

We cannot tell you who has nominated you, if the person has selected to remain anonymous.   

Can you tell me what was included in the nomination about me? 

This information is confidential and for the judges only. 

How long does the nomination process last? Is there a deadline? 

Nominations opened on 14th August 2019 and will close on 7th November 2019. 

All nominees must have completed their questions by 14th November 2019. 

The judging period for nominations will take place on 25th November to 5th December 2019. 

On 7th January 2020 we will announce the shortlist. The awards will take place on 16th March 2020.