#NPWRoleModels with Michelle Hua, Founder and CEO of Made With Glove

Michelle Hua, Founder & CEO of Made With Glove, speaker and consultant, is based in Newcastle UK. Michelle helps highly skilled tech entrepreneurs, senior executives and employees make their next career move to the UK without the need for a company sponsorship.  She also consults for companies, organisations and individuals by helping them solve their business innovation challenges, look for new opportunities and connect them with her extensive network in digital technologies. You can visit Michelle’s website at www.michellehua.co.uk, follow her on Twitter, and connect with her on Linkedin.

Michelle told us who her #NPWRoleModels are and why they are her Northern Power Women.

Vimla Appadoo – for her strength, her amazing work in Manchester and her tireless efforts in building the Manchester tech community as well as running She Says Manchester.

Emma Cheshire – fellow Australian from Leeds who is a strong, logical, practical and an extremely passionate and determined business woman who just gets things done.  Emma has achieved great things for the Tech For Good community and tech entrepreneurs across the North in particular, Leeds.

Carolyn Horrocks – an independent, strong and highly experienced woman in Newcastle who speaks with candour, cuts through all the noise and very quickly identifies the issues and provides solutions. Carolyn is very knowledgeable about the North East region, has experience working in Sweden and Canada and is well traveled.

Ravneet Kaur – a fellow exceptionally talented woman in tech entrepreneur based in Newcastle who can overcome any challenges she faces with grace, logic and radical candour.  A true role model for female entrepreneurs who achieves her goals and that of her team’s. Ravneet is highly educated, well connected internationally and was an excellent Chief Operating Officer for her former company, Equiwatt.

Debbie Edwards – a very experienced former executive, well balanced, practical, understanding and supportive woman who has entered her 2nd career to create a world where the career choices and life aspirations of girls and women are equally matched to the opportunities available to them. She is also proving that you can enter a new industry with transferable skills to succeed and make an impact to the next generation of tech talent.

Michelle will be on the Your Career 2.0 Panel at Northern Power Futures on Monday 11th February. Find out more and get your tickets here.

Ravneet Kaur will be on the Future Of Energy Panel at Northern Power Futures on Monday 11th February. Find out more and get your tickets here.

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