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Cross-business mentoring extends the pool of mentors and mentees available, enabling greater knowledge sharing, collaboration and the opportunity to work with difference. We are delighted to be partnering with the EDIT Mentoring Exchange to provide further opportunities to confidentially support and be supported on a range of topics, to be challenged and challenge others on their thinking and approach, and to pay forward personal learnings over the years whilst learning from others.

The EDIT Mentoring Exchange is a new cross-business mentoring platform. The system uses experiences, skills and preferences to match individuals from different organisations.

Information Pack

Find out more about our partnership, all the mentoring exchange has to offer and how you can get involved today.

The mentoring experience can be:

• Face-to-face or virtual
• With someone within the same or different industry and function as you
• With someone with similar or different years of experience to your own

Northern Power Women Webinar powered by Edit Mentoring Exchange

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