PodBlog: by Athena Livesey

Where you are from should not be a barrier to your prospects

£12M is all that is being invested in Northern Schools when we have double the national average of 16-18 years olds not in education or employment and are subsequently falling behind their peers in the south. How can this be when we are surrounded by ancestral legacy’s such as the Industrial Revolution with viaducts crashing through our landscapes and chimneys poking through our skies? Not forgetting the struggles for equality which grew the economy!

The north has a strong sense of purpose and is proactive in resolving issues as we collaborate together today to resolve challenges such as Air Quality issues in Leeds, boosting productivity with digital innovations in Sunderland, robotics in Liverpool & Sheffield and pioneering 3D Visualisation technology in Newcastle hospitals. We must keep celebrating to help our teenagers identify their place in the North!

By Athena Livesey

Athena is a member of our NPW Future List. You can read more about her here

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