Abi Ridley

Client Origination Analyst, Accenture

I’m a Client Origination Analyst at Accenture. My role focuses on bringing new clients into our delivery centre and growing our business. I am extremely passionate about equality and creating an inclusive, diverse environment in which everyone feels accepted.

I am enormously proud of creating, developing and maintaining the Equality Allies network at Accenture. The Equality Allies network believes in everyone having an equal opportunity despite, age, gender, career experience or ethnicity. The network has impacted our workplace promoting the message that everyone should have an equal chance, and the importance of an inclusive and diverse workplace for all is now cemented into our culture.

I have established an active network within the Newcastle Technology Centre that strives to make a difference and ignite colleagues to work together to create a diverse and powerful workforce. The Equality Allies network already has over 200 colleagues on board in Newcastle, that is a quarter of our workforce and therefore has great potential to make change. The network is growing rapidly and is being launched throughout UK Accenture, with a global launch coming later this year. I am bringing together colleagues from across the UK and globally to lead in diversity together.