Alexis Darby

Acting Head of Policy, Northern Powerhouse Partnership
What does it mean to be a Judge for the Northern Power Women Awards?

It’s great to celebrate and give credit to the the amazing work women across the North are doing in driving the Northern Powerhouse and inspiring future generations.

If you can take one thing from the judging process, what do you want it to be?

That women need to celebrate the success of their work and shout about the great things they are doing. By hearing their inspiring stories I hope it encourages other women to have more confidence in the workplace and to be more vocal about their successes.

I'm supporting Northern Power Women because...

They celebrate the variety of important ways women are making a real difference to the Northern Powerhouse. They give women a space to own their success and be proud of it and for other women to share their success and lift them up. I think that’s a great thing.