Annalisa Toccara

Founder and CEO, Our Mel

Annalisa Toccara is an award-winning cultural producer and freelance marketer specialising in creative and cultural communications for SME’s, festivals and events. She has over seven years of industry experience (B2B & B2C) in event management, marketing communications, and brand identity and is an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Annalisa works with businesses to build brands through tailor-made marketing campaigns, social media management, and content creation. In 2011, she wrote and self-published, her first book Lipstick: A Woman’s Best Form of Defence and in 2016, she founded a leading social enterprise ( dedicated to exploring cultural identity, history and talent. In 2017, she launched Sheffield’s first Black History Month Festival, an annual month-long arts and cultural celebration in October and became the Vice-Chair of the BAMER hub, Sheffield Equality Hub Network. Annalisa was honoured to receive a Women’s Centenary Award for her services to the community by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield in 2018. Outside of business, Annalisa is studying an MA in International Public and Political Communication at The University of Sheffield. She is passionate about equality, inclusion and representation and is fascinated with the link between creative mediums, social cohesion and social justice.