Bernadine Tay

Future List 2018
Founder and Tea Designer, Quinteassential

Bernadine is a visionary who specialises in business strategy. She is the founder of award winning fine loose leaf tea brand, Quinteassential and a tea consultant to many brands, hotels and restaurants, helping them to use tea in more innovative and financially lucrative ways. She is also a biomedical scientist with a degree from King’s College, London, and is passionate about the scientific and nutritional aspects of tea. Bernadine currently also works with NowFoods, a centre for food innovation at the University of Chester, helping food businesses create innovative food products. She works with multinational luxury brands as well as start-ups and was appointed global tea curator for Wedgwood, and guides the global tea strategy and curates the tea range for the British heritage brand.

What does Northern Power Women mean to you?

Empowering women in the North and beyond. Giving women a voice and a support network for inspiration, opportunity and confidence to thrive, together.

What is your greatest achievement?

Finding passion in my career and living each day with purpose.

Why is it important to champion role models in the North?

There are many women in the North who have achieved great things and it is so encouraging to know that they are recognised for their life’s work. This gives other women the motivation to be the best they can be.