Dr Joanna Berry

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship, Durham University Business School

Joanna was born in Hartlepool and educated in the NorthEast, stepping sideways to Oxford University for her Law degree. After careers in international law, business development and entrepreneurship, she returned home in 2002 and re-joined academia, completing the hat trick with an MBA and a PhD. She is Associate Professor at Durham University Business School. Joanna is very proud of her son, currently studying at the Northern School of Art.

Joanna has founded and run a number of companies. Since leaving University, she has developed a very clear sense of purpose; both to mentor, encourage, educate and promote women in business, particularly in the Northeast of England, and to be a credible and vocal supporter of Northeast businesses and communities.

Joanna acts consistently on both priorities. Through her day-job of teaching entrepreneurship. In her many public speaking activities. As trustee of Acumen Community Buildings social enterprise and as member of the NELEP’s Scale Up programme Advisory Board. In various formal external roles, such as Regional Chair for the CIM and the IoD. As Co-Director for Durham Energy Institute. In all of these, she focusses on raising the aspirations, expectations and profiles of Northeast women, in boardrooms and in business.