Fey Ijaware

Front-End Developer, Peninsula

I am a self-taught Software Developer, who specialises in Android and Web development. What lead me down this path is my deep love for coding. I think what made developing resonate with my soul is the fact that I am a problem solver and it has definitely opened up my world up to a whole new possibility and ways in which I can also help create solutions to problems and issues.

I currently work has a Front-End Developer and I am very passionate about introducing more people into tech and coding, especially women. I am a mentor in my free time, where I help support people new to coding and developing and one of the organisers for the Manchester FreeCodeCamp community. I am also a writer, sharing my stories about how I got into Tech to help motivate and inspire others. In September, 2018 during National Coding Week I launched a platform (CodePossible) for those interested in learning how to code (codepossible.org).

“I hope my passion for educating and for helping people to learn can inspire others to learn to code and perhaps, like me, have a life changing successful transition into a career in Tech.”