Fran Brown

Chief Executive Officer, GOALS 4 GIRLS

Francesca is described as one of the UK’s Sporting role models and is a living breathing testimony to women. British born, public speaker, Prince’s Trust Ambassador, Activist and the Chief executive/ founder of the Award-Winning Female Football Development Programme Goals4Girls. Through her career she has been recognized for countless awards, of late the London Youth community and grassroots award alongside the premier leagues official top 100 football black list award and honoured by HRH Prince Charles as the recipient of the prestige Young Achievers Pride of Britain Award, for her success in empowering young women through sports and education. The youngest female to be appointed on the FA’s Football Foundation Grants panel, Francesca is changing the game and pioneering the way for women’s sport.

Goals 4 Girls has developed and shaped the lives of over 1550 young women and girls. Providing opportunities to raise their aspirations, confidence, self-esteem and motivational skills. Breaking down social, cultural, psychological and economical barriers throughout sports and education.
She says “Sports is a very important part of my life. It is in fact the most technical part in creating my identity. Sports has managed my Mental Health, it’s is a great leveller, helps me know my strengths and abilities, understand process and result, the value of planning, earnestness and sincerity, observation and analysis. Sports is why I am the woman I am today! It also is my passion which I am able to share with the younger generation of women and girls through my organisation G4G’