Not your usual HR led employee network, United Utilities Gender Equality Network (GENEq) is an operational led Network. Led by its Chair, Lucy Dowley who is a Strategy Manager working in the heart of the business.


Gender Equality Network United Utilities
Commended Innovation 2019


Delivering the aims of the Network to ‘Support, Inspire, Develop, Mentor and promote’ is a wide cross section of employees from engineers, property and commercial specialities, technical experts, business strategists and operational staff. GENEq has the reach of over 5000 employees form Crewe to Carlisle and an extensive number of people from the communities that United Utilities serves.

In addition to offering traditional networking events, GENEq hosts; Inspirational speaker events, round table debates, training and development workshops, mentor / mentee opportunities, external partnerships & collaborations, opportunities for STEM ambassadors, internal and external rewards and recognition, succession planning and promoting the industry to the next generation. Offering a safe environment for grass roots advice and support whilst providing high level insight for the executive.

The GENEq Network and its members also support broader national and corporate strategies for inclusivity and in particular efforts to close the gender pay gap and cross industry collaborations. GENEq is also developing initiatives to improve the success of flexible working arrangements and support growing families to maintain and achieve their career aspirations.