Gina Jacobs

Change Partner, Co-op

My goal is to break down taboos surrounding sensitive issues which affect so many of us. As professional women we are constantly expected to show resilience & overcome challenges to move forward in our careers, sometimes simply just to stay on a par with our male counterparts.

The reality is, it’s just not that simple; sometimes what is going on in the real world can slow down our ambition, and worst-case scenario take over and halt our career.

I want to use my social platforms & network to share my real-life stories with others in the hope that I can support & inspire women who have faced similar situations.

Miscarriage, fertility etc are deemed taboo topics, for years we have been programmed into a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ behaviour – Why? these are extremely challenging things to go through, they leave you feeling massively isolated – to not talk can make things even worse, denting your confidence, sometimes massively impacting your mental health.

My aspiration is to empower women; listen, forgive, praise, let them know they are not alone, help them understand which way to turn, who to ask, expand the current support networks we have, and where there are none – create some. Let’s face into this challenging but necessary conversations together, with empathy.