Kate McWilliams

Future List 2018
Captain, easyJet

Captain Kate McWilliams was brought up in Carlisle but left the North aged 19 to go to flying school in New Zealand. Returning to the UK two years later, she began flying as a pilot for easyJet. In 2016, Kate made her mark on the aviation industry by becoming the worlds youngest female airline Captain at the age of just 26. Only 3% of the worlds pilots are female but Kate is determined and working hard to increase the number of female pilots and to show all girls that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve. 

What does Northern Power Women mean to you?

They say you can’t be what you can’t see! We all need a positive role model and that is exactly what Northern Power Women does! It showcases positive role models and encourages future generations of Northern women to reach their potential.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest career achievement to date was becoming the World’s youngest female airline Captain.

Why is it important to champion role models in the North?

Research shows that the low number of female pilots is due to lack of role models. Hollywood shows pilots as a male role in the movies so we need to show the North some real life examples of women achieving great things to encourage future Northern generations to follow in our footsteps!