Laura Hepburn

Director, Greenology

I am a dot connecter, career chameleon, who will never be pidgeon holed. I thrive on problem solving and providing solutions. Even better if it helps other people save the world, create energy & jobs, whilst building amazing ROI!

My aim… to change problem plastic into power with pyrolysis! Alongside that inspiring, educating and just giving high fives to anyone who is strong enough to be brave and believe. I eat negative, naysaying people for breakfast and want to grab the future with not just my hands but like minded kickass women.
Born, bred and educated in the North, I am the first to get on my soapbox and champion our area, encourage all industries to retain our talent, support great ideas and most importantly invest into our northern females futures.

Did I also say I make a great Yorkshire brew, have three kids, lecture in Future Design, direct in film to fund it all and kicked cancer to the curb. 2020 is deffinitely the year of action.