Samantha Wilcock

Account Manager, Ombudsman Services

Those who knew me know that I love to work.

I love work because it’s what has enabled me to prove wrong all of those people who told me, when I became a teenage mum, that my life was over and I’d never make anything of myself.

Work has allowed me to maintain my independence, build my confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills and meet some amazing people from all different walks of life.

Working at Ombudsman Services for the past nine years, and at Citroen before that, has allowed me to have the career I was determined to have after giving birth to my daughter 22 years ago.

At Ombudsman Services I have progressed through the ranks to my current role as Account Manager, where I get to deal with senior people at some of the UK’s biggest energy, phone and broadband companies on a daily basis.

I’m essentially the face of the organisation for the businesses I manage, so it’s vital that I act professionally and in a collaborative way.

A big part of the job involves working with business in a pro-active way, to help them better understand and solve the customer complaints they’re receiving. It’s great to know that, through my dealings with businesses, I’m contributing to our wider mission to end consumer detriment.

Even being nominated for this award is a fantastic honour and very humbling. I thought it was a joke when I received the email!