Power Q&A: Misba Khan, Finance Assistant, NHS


How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality?
This is the first time I’ve attended an NPW event and I’m really inspired. I’m definitely coming back again – I’ve found some of the women have been following my expedition to the North Pole! I’m going to use some of the ideas from today.

How do you accelerate gender diversity in your everyday practice?
We have a good balance in my workplace of men and women.

In my personal life on my expedition to the North Pole, there were a lot of setbacks for me. I come from the Asian community and it’s not the done thing for a woman to go out and do that. I had a lot of mountains to climb! But I was focused and determined and the group I was going with, I took a lot from them. It inspired me. But I did have my family on my side, so I wasn’t bothered about the thoughts of the rest of the community. Initially, I actually tried to encourage my 25-year-old daughter to apply for the expedition, but she ended up persuading me to do it. So the support of mother and daughter works both ways.

I’ve got a lot of work to do for the young girls in the Muslim community – for them to see me. I am a role model who has kept my religion and conquered something and I want them to know about it.

by Carolyn Howgego

Carolyn Howgego is a PR consultant, media relations specialist and content creator powered by Northern Power Women.


Misba Khan is a member of our NPW Future List. Read more about Misba here
Misba is a UK representative of the Euro-Arabian all-women team skiing North Pole expedition 2018

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