Power Q&A: Rob Mukherjee, North West Regional Chair, Vodafone


How is NPW different from other groups promoting gender equality?
I have to admit I haven’t seen anything like NPW to be honest. There are certain campaigns that come and go but what makes NPW really special is that it’s so open to everybody to have their place, whether they are male or female, regardless of sector or age.

And another thing I love, is that it’s about driving diversity from the North, not just in the North. It’s about trying to make a big difference to the world from the North, and finding great people to come together to collaborate and do that.

Lots of organisations come up with great ideas and try to advance positive agendas but what Simone and NPW do really well is that role model celebration, which is then very inspirational for everybody in the region.

How do you accelerate gender diversity in your everyday practice?
I find that men tend to put their hands up and put their head above the parapet more readily and so, while it’s making sure your recruitment is open, you do have to go and actively seek out those women. So that’s something I try to do.

Something else I actively do is mentoring and sponsorship. I find up-and-coming women to mentor and I’m currently looking at how you move mentoring, which gives the mentee the opportunity to own their own careers and move forward, into sponsorship, were you actively try to find them promotional positions to move into.

by Carolyn Howgego

Carolyn Howgego is a PR consultant, media relations specialist and content creator powered by Northern Power Women.


Rob Mukherjee was awarded at the NPW Awards 2018 in the Agent of Change category. Read more about Rob here

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