Power Q&A: Samantha White, CEO, Pukka Insure


How is NPW different from other groups that promote gender equality?
It’s fresh, it’s proactive.

Simone has definitely caught the imagination of women, in a way that a lot of other groups haven’t. I’ve been to a lot of female networking groups and they can feel a bit stale and awkward, but this doesn’t feel like that. Simone has found a way to get women to celebrate women, which is really important.

It’s about empowering women to empower each other, wanting the best for each other. You don’t get anything positive from something negative, so creating a group where women feel safe and supported by each other is going to create the kind of outcomes that Simone is looking for.

How do you accelerate gender diversity in your everyday practice?
Honestly, I think the important thing is to choose the best person for the job. Seventy per cent of my management team happens to be female because I truly believe that they’re the best people for the job. To properly correct the imbalance I think that we all have to learn to be a bit fairer, and work a lot on our own unconscious bias.

by Carolyn Howgego

Carolyn Howgego is a PR consultant, media relations specialist and content creator powered by Northern Power Women.


Sam White was awarded at the NPW Awards 2018 in the Outstanding Entrepreneur category. Read more about Sam here

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