Power Q&A with Sarah Hall

Power Q&A with

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall is an experienced management consultant helping organisations to articulate their purpose and optimise their performance. Sarah is a member of the Power List, a regular speaker at industry events and founder of #FuturePRoof, a series of books and community aimed at reasserting the role of public relations as a management function. She also has her own company, Sarah Hall Consulting

How would you describe your own personal brand?

What are my brand attributes? I think I’m known for being honest, ethical, driven, innovative, passionate and committed. These are certainly the values I try to live both personally and through my business. That said, it would be interesting to hear what others say as it’s their opinion that matters!

What makes having a personal brand effective?

Relationships matter in all walks of life. In business, if you want to make and sustain new connections, whether that’s to get a job or sell a product or service, you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Having a personal brand is a way of sharing your core values so like-minded people can understand, get behind and maybe even invest in you and your vision.

Do you have any tips for building and sustaining a good personal brand?

I guess it comes back down to what I’d say to any organisation, in terms of what is your purpose? Make sure you can articulate that. What are your values and want do you want to be known for? Also, what do you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room? Most of all, what do you want people to feel about you, because that’s what people remember. How did they feel when they came into contact with you? It’s the same for an individual and it’s the same for an organisation.

Any advice for people wanting to start their own business?

Make sure you have the fire in your belly to make your dream a success. I’m lucky to love what I do which sustains me when things get tough, which they occasionally do. And write a business plan – it terrifies me how many people don’t. Finally always get professional PR and marketing advice. People think they can do it themselves. They can’t.

And, what is the best advice you’ve been given?

Trust your gut. Honestly. I’ve avoided so many business mistakes that way, it’s untrue.

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