International Women’s Day 2023

Join Northern Power Women for a full day of celebrations

Northern Power Women believe in making a difference, being generous and paying it forward. We’ll be giving you the opportunity to do all of that in the name of the 2023 theme: embrace equity and we just couldn’t wait to share the plans with you!

We’ll be:

āš”Building on the collaborations we created around the menopause conversation in 2022

āš”Asking how can we level the playing field for global majority female founders

āš”Discussing why it’s important to invest in our young female talent

Not just that! We’re still on a mission to get the country mentoring, so we’ll be hosting a very specialĀ Power Up Micro-mentoring session, as well as bringing some of the biggest organisations in the country together in one room to tackle the core challenges in gender equality that we see today.

Excited? You should be! Contact us today to find out how you can get involved as an organisation at