Michael Page

In 2018, we were approached by Michael Page to create a mentor programme in partnership with them. After taking their commitment to diversity and inclusion (particularly gender equality in the North of England) into careful consideration, we curated a 10 month mentor programme with them. We created 23 mentor pairs, including mentors such as the Chief exec of Vimto and Vice-President of George, ASDA. We were able to draw upon our own databases and resources to create these matches in the name of Michael Page. The programme was launched with a live event, where mentees and mentors were sat together, but also on larger tables in order to foster that alumni network environment, something that Michael Page was keen to recreate. A LinkedIn group was established to support the relationships, and monthly check ins are conducted to ensure that relationships are still working and thriving. 

Michael Page didn’t want to recruit, or advertise, they just wanted to highlight their genuine commitment to furthering gender equality. This transparent fulfilment of promises is something we are eager to promote for you and your organisation.