United Utilities

 Our conversations with United Utilities started back in December of 2018. As an organisation that had always championed our causes, we were thrilled when United Utilities wanted to create a wide spanning partnership with us across our Northern Power Women and Northern Power Futures branches. Since then, United Utilities have supported us in awards ceremonies, created a podcast with us and launched a carousel mentoring series. By making the most of their relationship with us, United Utilities have been able to consolidate their existing following, as well as expand to new demographics. 


Even a pandemic couldn’t stop this partnership! We were able to adapt our initial plans with United Utilities to ensure that 2020 was still a fruitful year for all parties. Instead of the physical events we had planned, we turned our carousel mentoring sessions into virtual experiences, and were a resounding success with 96% of students saying it was excellent. We also got young United Utilities employees involved with our Northern Power Futures podcast, promoting them as the voice of the younger generation, as they aired the concerns specific to this demographic. We then went out to 18 year olds, asking them the same questions put to the United Utilities employees, and from this the format for our podcast was born. With the help of United Utilities, young people are now able to have their perspectives lifted up, as each week they send in their burning questions for industry leaders, which are then answered on the podcast. 


Our founder, Simone Roche MBE has also supported and hosted United Utilities’ Social Mobility pledge launch, and got them a spot on our Human Approach to leadership webinar panel, giving United Utilities a wider reach across the north of England.